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Platinum standard

Smart, well designed and decorated rooms, child free hotel (minimum age is 14 years old), high standard of food and beverages and of course the personal service. All you need and more to put a smile on your face and enjoy your holiday to the maximum.

What makes it special?

Unique architecture, inspiring grounds and interiors, well designed and decorated rooms, prime location, high standard of cuisine, attentive and descript services are some of the key elements of Tasia Maris Seasons.

Prime location

Its unique character and design, the child free environment , the services, facilities and of course the location. The hotel is centrally situated in the heart of Ayia Napa, the perfect spot for those who want to explore what this holiday resort has to offer.

Seasons Premium
Lifestyle Venue
Seasons Premium Lifestyle Venue is a part of Tasia Maris Seasons Hotel, with a unique selection of gourmet fusion cuisine food, remarkable selection of beverages and premium Shishas.
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Premium Beverages
Simplicity is the very essence of true luxury and it gets better with a touch of Seasons. Let the expert bartenders create the perfect cocktail for you!
Premium Shisha
The ultimate shisha journey starts and ends at Seasons Premium Lifestyle Venue. Explore our amazing range of premium shisha flavors.
Unique Food
Every-day high quality gourmet fusion cuisine with dishes inspired from all over the world. Elegance on the plate with world-class hospitality.

Where magic begins.

Tasia Maris Season hotel, is the new star of the family – Golden Reef Hotels Group – with experience of more than 4 decades in the hotel industry.

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