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Seasons Venue

Seasons Venue

Seasons Premium Lifestyle Venue

A place so elegant-where premium service is a given , Shisha is an art and cocktails are infused with ultimate glamour!

Seasons Premium Lifestyle Venue is a part of Tasia Maris Seasons Hotel, with a unique selection of gourmet fusion cuisine, remarkable selection of beverages, Premium Shishas and cocktail selection that deserves your attention.

Step into the world of exude luxury, emerged to cater for the growing taste for adventurous drinking and dining, where you’ll find something to your taste in a menu designed to impress and capture the essence of quality, ingredients and atmosphere.

Get your Instagram filters ready! We are bringing you the most photogenic drinks in Ayia Napas’ most Instagram-able venue.

Ayia Napa's Newest & Classiest Entry
This truly contemporary cocktail bar with a tasteful infusion of twenty-first-century elegance and style is located directly in the heart of Ayia Napa on Nissi Avenue.
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Unique Location

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Premium Beverages

Simplicity is the very essence of true luxury and it gets better with a touch of Seasons

Quench your thirst with a refreshing selection of cocktails and global drinks at Seasons Premium Lifestyle Venue. Explore drinks with unusual ingredients in the essence of legendary cocktails and many of our own creations lingering in flavor.

Let the expert bartenders create the perfect cocktail for you!

Premium Shishas

The ultimate shisha journey starts and ends at Seasons Premium Lifestyle Venue!

Explore our amazing range of premium shisha flavors. Crafted using only premium ingredients and packed in flavor-locking pouches of delicious blend.

Enhanced flavors through our unique design and style in corporation with Amy Deluxe Germany & our prolonged experience in the Hookah business.

Unique Selection of Food

Elegance on the plate with world-class hospitality

Every-day high quality gourmet fusion cuisine with dishes inspired from all over the world. Seasons Premium Lifestyle Venue is bringing you an endlessly innovative menu of new and exciting ingredients full of flavors and colors.

Our renowned chefs take pride in preparing all their dishes from scratch to give you a maximum gastronomical experience with everything that comes out of our kitchen 100% homemade.

The place to be.
Where magic begins.

Tasia Maris Season hotel, is the new star of the family – Golden Reef Hotels Group – with experience of more than 4 decades in the hotel industry.

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